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Harajuku fashion sales

Harajuku fashion sales - Click to download full-screen wallpaper image
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6 Responses to “Harajuku fashion sales”

  1. Says:

    hey ! how r u ? im only encounter ur blog occassionally ! i like making friends!

  2. katie carey Says:

    hey, that store in the picture has great clothes, a place one should definently check out.

  3. catclaclou Says:

    hi! I like this blog. He is very good. I can’t very write because I don’t tell english ( I’m french). Bye kiss

  4. Nates Says:

    Hey, Just wanted to leave a reply saying that Harajuku Fashion is indeed inspiring and very cool By the way; very cool blogs.

  5. Jill Says:

    I just found your blog a few seconds ago, searching for fashion wallpapers for my desktop. I’m checking out your blog now.

  6. Jacco Fashion* Urban Fashion Discount Clothes Store ← Says:

    We like reviewing Harajuku street fashion photos. We do it almost daily. The street photos give us an idea on what people are putting on in their everyday life, and everybody knows Harajuku styles are followed by many people in Asia and around the world. There are gaps between street and runway fashion, and between Asian and Western tastes. Those street fashion photos are making our reference when we are stocking for our clothes inventory.

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